How many channels do you get with DirecTV?


Channel count depends on the package you purchase. According to the DirecTV site the basic package, “Family” has 50+ digital channels. The channel count increases as package size increases, from 140+ in their “Entertainment” package to 285+ digital channels in their largest “Premier” package.

Some of these channels are digital music channels while others are sports, or language channels, depending on the package. DirecTV provides a full channel list according to each package, allowing potential clients to view the content prior to signing up for service.

Packages are titled to reflect the types of channels they contain. The “Family” package has 50+ digital channels tailoring to a family environment, whereas the “Premier” package has 285+ digital channels, which is basically their entire catalog.
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When they give you the total number...are they including Spanish language channels? I think they count the duplicate non-English channels to boost the count.