NFL: How Many Ducks will Richard Sherman Intercept in the 2014 Super Bowl?

How Many Ducks will Richard Sherman Intercept in the 2014 Super Bowl?

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Ok, so if you are a Seattle Seahawks fan, you want to see if Richard Sherman can back up his "duck" talk about Peyton Manning's lack of throwing strength. So, the big question is, how many ducks will Richard Sherman intercept today during the 2014 Super Bowl?
I'm going to go with 0....:) and I am not a huge Broncos fan (Bengals for me). Mainly because, I think Manning is too smart to let Sherman get to the other corners and folks on Seattle may very well intercept a few today, but that is not the question in the air for us!!

So, although Sherman didn't intercept any of the Peyton Manning Ducks during the game (aka correct answer was 0), the defense as a whole did a great job in intercepting Peyton / forcing turnovers. I wonder how much of this was due to what Sherman stated in his post-Superbowl interview of being able to crack Peyton's hand signals, etc? If so, good on the Seahawks for out-preparing Peyton! Well-deserved win!

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What's the difference between Corn Flakes and the Broncos? Corn Flakes belong in a bowl!!!

(Copied from a post from another member here) Clever.
Nice :) Of course, I wonder how many "memes" we can expect to see of your team breaking Peyton's signals/intel, etc as we move into basketball time???
Already the favorites for next year...wondering if we will see a repeat of the NFC Championship really being the "Super Bowl" again!