How many forums do you frequent?


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Just curious how many forums everyone visits every day or every other day? I'm at 4 these days. Used to be 7-8 before Facebook but that occupies a lot of my online time these days.

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I am a member of 2 forums and 'subscribed' to two e-mail-based English car groups. Forums are the way to go and I wish my car groups would adopt something similar to this forum. That way, I could bypass a lot of the innane topics and idle chit-chat that fills my inbox! :cheers:


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Communications and other technology is rapidly advancing understanding and progress on many fronts.....the singularity is near.

Im anti Facebook and Twitter for that matter.

I have a presence on a dozen to a score of forums/message boards....some more than others.


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Oh, it just depends. I surf a lot so sign up a lot of places but I don't think I make it a point to visit very many of them regularly. It's usually when I need information or something.


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Active on 3. Semi Active (meaning I actually post there a few times a year) on 3 others, that I scan to see if anything is of interest.
Other forums i frequent:

Farley`s Dodge Diplomat Forum - Index

Dodge Diplomat and other M-body car line (Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge) enthusiast forum

Allpar Forums for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Plymouth, and more

General Mopar car forum for those into that name

Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing

Like facebook, but without the teen 'sp38k' and immature attitudes combined with a little photo hosting. only place a deer lover can put up a picture of a deer and not get 100s of hunters on his tail

plus, none of them viruses that myspace/facebook are infamous for.