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i wish to know how many types of rooftop antennas exist and which advantages have each one of those type of antennas, i have heard about the db2-db4 etc, i wish to know how may types of antennas exist and in which scenarios can use each of those type of antennas.

still confused with this topic and also i wish to upgrade my tiny antenna by one more powerful one.

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In the U.S. alone I'd imagine there's well over a hundred different types of tv antennas. Considering that Blonder Tongue makes single channel antennas you have 50 different types right there. Add to that all the indoor and outdoor variations and the numbers could go up to 200 or more.

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The DB-2 and DB-4 antennas you mentioned and all other 'screened antennas' have an advantage over other antenna designs because their reflector screens usually block/cancel all other incoming signals (including multipath) from behind them and they only receive signals around 170 degrees of the compass. "Screen-type" antennas can be an excellent choice ... depending on the viewers' location and the channels (frequencies) needed to be received. I currently use an original-version Channel Master-4221 on a rotor to receive most of my channels, but not KVOS-12 (35).

I was told by the Chief Engineer at KVOS (75 miles away) I would never be able to receive them again (after the D2A change) so I decided to build a dedicated Yagi antenna specifically engineered to capture only one frequency/channel: that's my project 35. Every element is PERFECT in length and the spacing between each element is PERFECT. It is designed to be resonate at only one frequency and to further improve its 'chances' of capturing KVOS I did not use a hardware store generic balun, I made my own (again) specifically engineered to function for that specific channel. Here are my results after a 4-way split using NO amplifiers.


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On the other hand, Forum Moderator EV posted this photo last year, so how many different design antennas are out there? Hundreds of variations and unique ideas ...

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well i do not know my situation is that i need an antenna that can work better and without get serious signal fluctuactions, i wish try that type of antenna for get a better signal and not get annoyed by multipath., my reception and where i should point my antenna is to the San Cristobal Hill where is located the DTV antennas as well as the analogic NTSC antennas so i think the db 4 could work better to me, what do you think guys?

i am amazed that can get an stable reception with 65% of signal strenght and signal quality and i get problems with the images when reachs 65% of signal quality, get MPEG noises, some problems of no signal by seconds.

my house is located in an area with many houses around and where i have the antenna located have inmediatelly almost near another house with an dish and by other side powerlines.

now have a question how many gain have to have an good antenna for DTV?

and the db4 how much gain in DB have ?

i do not know how to build that antenna because have never seen one till now in the site and do not have seen any for real.

do you know where get an diagram or a specie of instructions of how to do that type of antenna?

have another question, what is the channel spacing in the USA, in MHZ, the db4 antenna is not the one that have an big screen and other thing that is not like the common rooftop antenna.

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