How much do you want? - XFinity

How much do you want?, XFinity-Comcast channel programming. Name your price.

To add BET SOUL to the line up.

Please add this channel that shows music that I grew up with in my tweens in the mid 90s

the only reason I got digital cable in a company that would turn to comcast is because of VH1 Soul in January of 2002

I remember when the black man came and added one tv with digital cable and guess what channel he had VH1 soul. I remember watching that channel for hours the first time I watched it from 11 am after the guy left until 2 pm without stopping.

please add BET SOUL to my fresno channel lineup

I was heartbroken and thought about switching cable companies when you wrongly removed Vh1 soul from my Channel Line up in March 29th 2010

but Guess what Not only did I not switch cable companies but i bought an HD tv and my bill went up from 180 to 200 and I gladly payed that rate for six years Please what is the hold up ? I don't know how many times I put in feedback to add the channel back.

It was always my favorite channel above everything and I was happy to have it between Jan of 2002 to March of 2010

I know it's called BET SOUL now

Please ADD BET SOUL to my channel line up

name your price

I'm willing to pay up to 40 dollars for the channel

Please add it back
I don't get why it was removed and centric was added to that station I remember it well it was 474. why can't we have both centric and BET soul?

there's an empty channel on 478 that would go quite nicely to the package. I don't think Bandwidth is the problem since it's a SD channel.

Just give me an answer from the AREA manager why they won't add BET to my line up I"ll understand if it's not possible not or never but Just be straight up with me Why can't the channel be added?

It's not even an HD channel and I'm willinly to pay more for it.

Or just add it online to TV GO I'm sure it won't be a problem if you just add it on your xfinity tv Online package I have no problem seeing it on my computer or smart phone.

Please let's work this out talk it out

something can be done to add if you don't wanna add it to the tv package just please give me access to it.

I don't know if contacting Viacom will help if You're the guys holding the channel hostage I know other comcast memebers have the channel so Please add it online or on TV please Please.

I'm willing to do anything for it.