How much of my Cloud DVR is 'used'?



How can I see the percentage of, or # of hours of , recording on my Cloud DVR?

I have 2, 500g, x1 DVRs on my local network. I believe that means I should have 120 hours of recording space in my Cloud DVR.

I have checked the STREAM app on my iphone under Recordings and my PC same and no 'sliding bar of red/green ' telling me the percentage used.

On my local TV's, I can push Xfinity on the remote, push Saved, then under Recordings, I see the sliding red/green bar and # of recordings - but that is combination (all devices) of local and cloud I believe (in fact switching between All devices, and either of the other devices in the drop down do NOT change the red/green bar or # of recordings.



"How much of my Cloud DVR is 'used'?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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