How often do you watch PBS


We usually find ourselves watching PBS 1-2 hours tops every week. There's no set show that we have to see, it's more of a mood kind of thing. I take that back, we do watch more nature shows than anything.

How about you?


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Since I have a small child, I end up watching at least 2-3 hours a day. But I'd rather she watch what's on there -- and possibly learn something -- than anything else.

I also watch some of the other programs, like Frontline, Nova, etc. etc. Like you, it's a mood thing.


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If I'm not watching TV, PBS is left on muted in case I see something interesting.

I generally watch some of it every day. I always watch several hours on Friday (McLaughlin Group, Bill Moyers, Washington Week, etc) and catch it here and there otherwise. Now that I'm back at school, I watch MHz WorldView pretty regularly, which is of course a PBS subchannel. I love some of the newscasts on there.

I used to watch the first 10 minutes of the News Hour every evening, even while at school, but now that the news headlines aren't at the beginning of the program, I don't bother most of the time.

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It's our goto channel when nothing else is on which happens two to three times a week. Especially on Sunday nights. Especially while the kids are awake. I like to catch Travels and Traditions with Burt Wolf when it's on too.


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Lately it's been the network I watch the most. I can't stand the myriad of reality, dancing with ducks, next stupid star, medical, detective shows. It's more like I leave PBS when one of the shows I do watch comes on other network.
Favorite shows
Burt Wolfe (dang if they put in on my 1.25 mbps sub, arg!)
Washington Week
Bill Moyers
Nova Science Now
Music shows, but not much Austin City Limits
Specials like the National Parks they just started.
Nightly Business
BBC World News.

Now I never just watch TV, never have. I either work on the computer or read. A listen more than look at the screen. As Don Hewitt said, "The most important part of any show is the audio. Loose the viewers with dull dialogue and you loose the viewer". Something the makers of ATSC lost in their translation to DTV. Us in the rural areas often watched shows to far in the noise to see much but listen to the audio.


We like PBS reality programming (1940s House, Manor House, etc.). We also watch This Old House and History Detectives. Other than that, I don't find much of interest on PBS.


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Two shows I can't stand and it's because of the host, there is something in their voice or presentation that grates my nerves. Garden Home and Rick Steve's Europe.


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I tend to only watch a few hours a week of PBS and only when they have new episodes of kids television shows, as I review the new episodes for a blog. I used to watch it a lot more when Rick Steves was on regularly, as I love travel shows, but now I just watch Travel Channel for travel shows.


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I like all of those shows Piggie listed as well as

Masterpeice Theatre (Dickens this Spring was awesome!)
Frontline (Best documentary series ever!)
Nova and kids shows. the rest is a load of crap. mostly the kids shows but sometimes there's an interesting Nova on or the show 'The American Experience' makes what used to be boring history lessons come alive. never really cared for American History till i saw that show.


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I like all of those shows Piggie listed as well as

Masterpeice Theatre (Dickens this Spring was awesome!)
Frontline (Best documentary series ever!)
I forgot Frontline. It makes 60 minutes look tame, or maybe it's more like 60 minutes was when it start and Don Hewitt was young and daring?
I really don't watch PBS as often as i'd like to, but whenever I know that a good show is going to be on, I do what I can to make sure that I actually get to watch it. There's a lot of great specials on PBS, that's for sure!


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I don't watch too muich PBS, I'm sorry to say. I used to watch Frontline and shows like that, but I don't seem to flip to this channel very much any more for some reason.


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We get PBS but its such an odd channel number that we frequently forget about it... However, my little ones have recently become obsessed with 'Super Why' on Netflix so I've been trying to catch it when its on PBS. I haven't had much luck though. The 12 or so episodes that are on Netflix get old when they want to watch them all day, every day.

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