How to appeal after being denied?


I applied for a coupon for my analog tv, was declared eligible, and told it would take a month. Fine. Then I went to Walmart to buy a digital tv, and was told I would need a converter box for that tv,, too. So I came home, and my boyfriend went online and requested a second coupon, and was told they were all out and he would be on a waiting list.

Yesterday I recieved a letter saying my previously approved applications for coupons were canceled... and they would continue to cancel any additional applications for this household...

Can I appeal this and how? I went back online and found information that told me to re-apply and then fill out an appeal form... but there was none available.

I gues they thought we were trying to get one over on them, two people from one address requesting a coupon... but I was just misinformed about the new digital tv needing one, and now just need one anyway because the tv I bought has a converter in it!!!

I just want to watch tv. I hate this! Who can I talk to to get a coupon and where do I appeal my cancelations!!!