How to connect antenna to a TV?


There are at least 4 ways to connect:

1. If equipped use the RF (coaxial cable output from the box to the RF (coaxial) input on the TV - TV must be on the correct channel to see the output.

2. Connect the TV to the box with composite cable - yellow for video Red/White for audio - and set TV to composite input.

3. Connect TV to the box with component (Red/Green/Blue) cable for video and Red/White for audio - set TV to composite input.

4 Connect the TV to the box with an HDMI cable and set TV to HDMI input.

NOTE: Not all TVs or converter boxed will have all of these inputs and outputs.

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If your TV is fairly new it may not require a Converter Box. If so, you need to enter the setup menu and set it for 'Antenna', 'Terrestrial' or OTA, not Cable.

In either case, you need to command your Converter box or TV tuner to 'search for digital channels' because they are not automatically detected.



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Jim5506's post refers to the connections between your Converter (DTA-STB) and your TV (Type A TV).
His item #1 being the lowest resolution, and item #4 being the highest.