How to contact the "Loyalty" department - DirecTV

I have a bundle package that I signed up for in December. I have had nothing but problems since I started my journey with Direct Tv/Att . Whichever it is. I made a huge mistake when I switched from Comcast to this service. The representative keep telling me that it is one company however, nothing is done without being endlessly transferred to other agents on the other side of the fence and no one knows what the other one is doing!!! I would like to be contacted by someone. I waited the other evening for someone from Loyalty for 45 minutes until my phone battery went dead. I intended to ask them to come take the whole mess out! I have had service technicians several times and the internet still if not working right. Since December with the installation, I have had nothing but problems and hate the services. Again, I am requesting someone contact me as soon as possible. I want to get rid of this entire service! Problems began with the installation date being cancelled without my knowledge. I lost a days vacation having taken the day off to be at home for the installation. I called when the rep didn't show up after waiting an hour. They told me the installation was cancelled! Then the man came to put the dish up. NOT THE INTERNET OR THE PHONE SERVICE! I had to wait for something to come in the mail to install it myself and later found out that I couldn't do it myself and needed a rep to do the installation. MORE WASTED DAYS! The man came and did the installation. I found out the following week, when testing my home alarm system, that he hadn't connected the alarm system to the phone and was without home being protected without knowing it! I called and they came and hooked it up. The final disaster is the horrible internet service which still hasn't been resolved. I have had 2 reps come to see if they could get it hooked up correctly. I don't have a strong signal and keep loosing service. Also, my "on demand" is not working correctly as the internet service dies and I cannot watch the on demand without the internet! I HATE THE SERVICE! I WANT TO REMOVE IT! I WILL WARN ANYONE AGAINST DIRECT TV OR ATT SERVICES. RUN, DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THEM!

This question, "How to contact the "Loyalty" department," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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