How to extend time on live recording? - Time Warner TV

This question is about "How to extend time on live recording?", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I can't figure out how to extend recording time on a live recording. In other words, if I should tune into a show already in progress and decide I want to record it (clicking the "record" button on remote), it always cuts off the last couple minutes of the program. I could find no options available to extend recording time on live recordings as with other DVRs that I've had. The only time I see this option is when setting up a series recording previous to when the show has started. I've called customer service about this, and they said to use chat feature on website. I did that, and the chat person couldn't answer my question either. LIke this is some kind of weird request. I just switched from DirecTV to TW and now I'm questioning this decision.

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