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I recently spent 1.5 hours being transferred to 6 different employees in an attempt to cancel my AT&T Uverse/Internet/Direct TV on 10/21. This is after I already spent 3 horrible hours thinking I cancelled my service on 10/19 ( due mostly because the Direct TV rep they sent to my house almost got in a physical altercation with my neighbor over the placement of the dreaded satellite dish, and also proceeded to call my neighbor a Trump supporter.)
I was contacted by some lady on 10/21 from Direct TV saying they would like to reschedule my installation... although my ENTIRE account with AT&T was supposed to have been cancelled on 10/19. I was then transferred to Curtis, then Delanie, then Michael, and FINALLY Ana. After a short 53 minute conversation with Ana who was able to finally cancel my service (I hope). I repeatedly asked to speak to a manager... apparently they do not exist? I was put on hold for 12 minutes while attempting to get a confirmation number for the cancellation. I REFUSED TO HANG UP, even though I know they wish I did.
Not once did they offer to make amends for ANY of the nightmare I had been through, although Ana claims her manager helped her with everything, I was never able to speak to said manager

Don’t worry after all of this they were finally able to offer me a discount on my original AT&T Uverse service if I decided I wanted to stay with them.....

So my question is: HOW IN GODS NAME CAN I GET CONTACT INFORMATION FOR A MANAGER AT AT&T ( Preferably in the Arizona office since I know that’s where most of this conversation happened)

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