How to Fix Broken Converter Box?

Mary P

I brought 2 converter boxes last year and both stopped working yesterday. Now what’s the odds of that happening. Is this going to happen every year?? Is it possible for me to return box for a replacements?

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:welcome: Mary,

The odds of both boxes failing at the same time is very high. They are like computers and they may have 'lost their memories' do to a power failure, a voltage spike on the power line or for another reason.

First, verify your TV set is still set to channel 3 or 4 (depending on what your converter box's output is set for): your TV has to be on the same channel as the box. If that isn't the problem, try unplugging them from the AC outlet for ten minutes, then plug them back in and check to see if they work. If that doesn't work a double re-scan is in order.

Unplug the antenna input to the converter box and select the function to find all channels. Different boxes use different terminology including 'setup', 'initial setup', etc. Have the box scan for all channels (without an antenna) then have the box scan a second time (without an antenna). Reconnect the antenna to the converter box and scan again.

Let us know if it works and good luck!



Good call Jim, the odds of both of them failing at the same time without some other cause is nearly impossible, so It had to be a voltage spike or voltage droop that caused these boxes to die together at the same time. Maybe a case of thunder snow !! Unfortunately for MARY P, these boxes are not really even available on the off the shelf retail market, but they can be obtained from some online stores and e-bay.
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