How to fix "No Signal" on converter box?



I just bought today the converter box. I hook it up and went thru each process it told me to.
I receive a no signal message ??
Please help !!
C. Tate


How To Fix "No Signal" On Converter Box?

It is answer:

D) Not Enough Information

I would check to see that you have good quality coaxial cable RG-6, or better, and an appropriate antenna. But in all honesty, based on what little you have posted, it will be difficult to help you much further without more details.


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I have bunny ears hooked up to my TV now and a brand new coax RG-6 cord connected to the TV.
Rabbit Ears are only good in areas where there is strong signals. Please go to TVfool, fill in your information, and post the link in bold generated on the results page back here. (TVfool will hide your address for privacy)
Click here: TV Fool
We can analyze your situation and tell you what steps you may need to take.


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If they are simply using rabbit ears, with no UHF (loop) element, there is a good chance they won't work well with most digital television stations, which broadcast on UHF. That can be true even if you're relatively close to the broadcast towers.
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