How to get ESPN3 on TV?



With ESPN3 not being available on DirecTV's channel lineup, and the only way to watch it is through my would one go about routing the picture from their computer to the TV?


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Hi and welcome!

If your computer has a HDMI port, you will need to get a HDMI cable and connect it from your TV to your computer.

If you have a Mac, you will need a HDMI adapter that plugs into the thunderbolt port since most macs don't have a HDMI port (the new macbook pro with retina does, as well as the mac mini I believe). sells their own brand cheap but I believe you can also buy them from Apple. I have the monoprice adapter and it works well.

If your computer doesn't have a HDMI port you may be out of luck for now unless your TV has a VGA input for PCs. Many TVs do. Or if your computer has a DVI port you can get an adapter to connect to HDMI. Audio may/may not work. It really depends on the computer.

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