How to get program guide synopsis corrected? - DirecTV

Today, 23 Oct 2016, I noticed an error in the AT&T Uverse program guide synopsis of a movie being shown on the MGM HD channel. The movie was the 1974 film The Land That Time Forgot.

First I checked the MGM HD website to see the synopsis given for the film:
The Land That Time Forgot - A World War I U-boat with prisoners (Doug McClure, Susan Penhaligon) lands on an icy island with dinosaurs and cavemen.[End quote]

The AT&T Uverse on-screen program guide synopsis for the film indicated the action happens in World War II. Wrong!. The action in the film happens in World War I, as correctly stated in the MGM HD synopsis and on the web page about the film:

How to I contact the correct entity for the AT&T Uverse on-screen program guide so that the synopsis of the film is corrected?

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