How to get rid of scorpions?



Anyone know how to get rid of scorpions in the house short of an expensive exterminator? I'm freaked out aft finding one last week and another one this week. Does anyone know what could be attracting them to the house?
While I am not an exterminator, I have gotten rid of several scorpions. Let me first say, to eradicate scorpions, you must first get rid of the food source of the scorpions and that can be crickets, ants and sadly, even termites. Scorpions are nocturnal and only come out after dark so invest in a blacklight and turn out the lights. Use the blacklight to explore your whole house in the dark. Don't leave piles of clothes lying around, or food stuff that can attract ants inside your home. Then, head outdoors and explore your yard with the blacklight in hand. Scorpions are drawn to moist surfaces, so remove piled wood, leaves and other debris that might hold moisture. Be sure not to get stung by a scorpion so wear protective gloves and firm shoes. Their stings are painful, and in some cases can be deadly if you are allergic to their venom. Scorpions enter through cracks and crevices in foundations, around windows, sills and even doors that are not properly sealed, so invest in grout, caulking and weather stripping to get your home sealed tight. You didn't mention if there are children are pets in your home, so I won't try to recommend bug sprays and such, and remember I said I wasn't an exterminator. Scorpions do not lay eggs but give birth to live baby scorpions that they carry on their back for several weeks. It's not unusal to step on a scorpion only to have dozens of its young scamper off. Best bet is to be diligent in seeking out the scorpions and squash them. Once you have cleared your home and property of their food supply and hiding spots and have your home properly sealed, you should see less of them.
As far as i know any creepy thing will look for moist or cool place to stay. Keeping the place neat and clean will always help in keeping creepers away. Smaller scorpions are poisonous and Bigger ones are not but their stings will pain for sure.