Question: How to get rid of the bouncing D



Hi, if I don't push a random button on the remote often enough, it goes into a screensaver mode with a bouncing D. This is something of a nuisance. I Often have the TV on while working on my computer. Listening, but only looking at it occasionally. So it goes into screen saver, then it goes into sleep mode. Can I change this?


In my experience this screensaver comes up when the television hasn’t been touched or the channel hasn’t been changed in some time. This happens at my house when the television has been on all day, mostly for our dogs, and no one has changed the channel.

It is a bit of a pain but the only way I’ve found to get rid of the screensaver is to change the channel, open the guide, any way to keep the system “active.” Sometimes even hitting the “INFO” button will be enough to keep the screensaver away.

I checked the DirecTV website and there were no questions in the FAQ or in the search to help with this issue. It is unfortunate that this keeps happening to you while you’re working, but I think a quick tap of the remote either “Guide” or “Info” can help keep it away.