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This question is about "How to increase my WiFi signal?", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I recently moved into a newer larger home with lots of stone and granite. My router is a Ubee DVW 32 CB, which in my old home provided a very good signal. However, it no longer provides a strong WiFi signal on the first floor in the room furthest from the router. Anyone have a suggestion as to how to extend the signal? Should I ask Spectrum for a diiferent router ( I don’t need voice) or is there an WiFi extender that would work.? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How to increase my WiFi signal??


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One thing you can try is setting the channel the router broadcasts on to something other than the default. Most routers default to the middle channel which I believe is 6. If your neighbors network runs on the same channel, the networks will interfere with each other. I run my router on channel 9, and doing so greatly improved reception.

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