How to put DirecTV service on hold after selling house?


Staff member
Has anyone froze or halted their DirecTV service after selling their house? I'm moving in with a friend for 6 months and then buying another house at that time, at which I'll want to resume the service. Is this possible? I still have a year left on my contract.
Hi Aaaron62,
Not sure if you've come to a resolution or not with DirecTV yet, but my experience has been that it is very possible to do what you are looking to do (with regards to placing the DirecTV service on hold). When I did it, I just called the customer service line and asked for them to place it on hold. If you happen to get a disgruntled employee on the phone, then I recommend just calling back like 10 mins later to get a different guy/gal, or to ask for a supervisor if you don't have the time to call multiple times. If you've held an account in good standing, the last thing they (DirecTV) will want to do is lose you. They'll threaten the fee or whatever at times, but at the end of the day, you are not a "negative" metric to the company until you close your account. Best of luck!