How to recycle your old TV


Want to be "Green"? If you've bought a new LCD, Plasma, or DLP television to replace your old television, please look into recycling your old TV rather than throwing it away. Televisions contain harmful chemicals that can leak into the ground such as described in the following article on USNews.

By David LaGesse
Posted April 20, 2009

The switch to digital TV has caused more than a few headaches in its pursuit of sharper, more capable broadcast television. One that's often overlooked is the huge pile of old tube sets trashed in its wake. Some call digital TV the largest government-mandated obsolescence program ever. Many of those old sets will end up in landfills. But a tube TV can have several pounds of lead and other toxic materials that can leach into groundwater, which is a particular threat to the drinking-water wells that often surround rural landfills.
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