how to set old style vcr to record correctly?


new MOT digital converter hooked up correct through VCR to TV
can view TV programs okay; RCN service in NYC

BUT can not record programs off tv at prior time/channels as done pre digital box installation. Only get B/W lines/fuzz

what to set on the vcr menu to allow recording and also look at TV regularly?

please advise


A VERY good reason to get a Zinwell ZAT-970A

It has this wonderful "wake up" program timer mode. Program the Zinwell to switch to the correct channel at one minute before the correct time, then have your VCR record the channel on the correct minute you want it to record off the Zinwell's Channel 4 output.

It's one little extra step, but it's real easy.

A hack of a lot better than being able to record only one channel.

There is another model out there mentioned on the CECB unit comparison wiki that has this VCR timer mode ( Max Media LuTRO MaxMedia LuTRO DTV Converter Box ) , but I haven't seen that one yet anwhere.

So try to get a Zinwell.