How to set PlayOn to record while away from home?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
[FONT=&quot]How can I setup recording while I am at work and also how could i watch shows on my phone while i am away from my home network?
It would be great if there was an app to adjust PlayOn to record or set a schedule so that I didn't always have to do this from my computer.[/FONT]


Staff member
It is possible to connect to the PlayOn server remotely from a mobile device as long as you've paired that device once while connected to your home network (port forwarding is required, but the process can be automatic depending on your router). In regards to security, however, it wouldn't be possible for someone else to connect to your PlayOn server unless they had first connected to your server while on your home network...PlayOn logs your device ID so only paired devices can connect remotely. As long as your network itself is secure, then you should be fine.

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