How to switch between DTH connection and DVD player without disconnecting cords of on


My DTH connection & DVD player both run on my TV set. Each time I want to see the other I need to disconnect and remove the cords of one from the TV set and connect the other. Is there any switch available I can do so without removing and reconnecting
What kind of connections are the DTH and DVD player? Is it a single cord coax or 3 connector RCA connection? There are a few options out there, but we'll need to know what kind of connecters you're using first.

BTW, I haven't heard of DTH before, but searched and found the term predates DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite). Is this for DirecTV?


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Most all of the TV's that have been made recently, have (at least one- to several) what they call "Source" connections. Where you can connect other devices directly in to the TV, and use the Remote Control to change viewing between these devices. Your TV "may" have these connections.

As stated, give us the Make and Model of your TV, and we can look up and see if that is available on it.
If it is available, the wiring is a very simple task, and SO convenient when implemented.
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