How to use voice remote to play a program on DVR



This seems like a really dumb question to ask, but how do you use an X1 DVR remote with voice control to directly play a recorded program? I would like to be able to say something like "watch myprogram", where "myprogram" is the name of a recording in my recent recordings list, and just have it start playing. With everything I've tried so far it seems like I have to wrestle with the remote to force it to cooperate. My greatest success so far is this sequence of events:

  1. I say "watch MyProgram". A reasonable expectation is that the requested program should start to play. Instead, it takes me to a program screen that has "Episodes" and "Watch Now" on it. It's good that it at least recognized the program name, but it is not playing that program.
  2. A reasonable expectation at this point would be to say "watch" or "play" to start it up. But no, saying "watch" takes me to the "available/free/upcoming" screen. But if I say "watch now", it selects the watch now button - moving a cursor box to that button, but I am still on this screen and I am still not watching my program.
  3. I say "watch" for the third time and finally it plays the program.

It really should not be this hard for something that should be the most common feature of all with X1 remotes. Also, allowing for the possibility of having multiple episodes of the program being asked for, I would also expect to be able to ask "watch most recent myprogram" in order to bypass an episode selection screen. Is there some trick that I am missing or is this remote software really this bad?

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