How to View/Manage DVR "To Do List" from App? - DirecTV

I recently switched from UVerse TV to DirecTV (Genie DVR & 4k Mini Genie). While I like some of the more mobile-oriented features that the Genie DVR provides, it seems lacking in remote DVR management. One thing I really appreciated (and used almost daily) was the ability to see a list of all recorded shows (DTV's "List" feature) and a list of all pending/scheduled/upcoming recordings (DTV's "To Do List" feature) from the UVerse mobile app as well as the UVerse web site. I really liked being able to see what was going to record later that night and if I happened to watch a show during the day via Hulu, I could even remotely delete the show from the DVR to prune its contents before getting home.

A few comments/questions as a new DirecTV/Genie User:
1. I know I can see the "List" feature from the iOS app, but is there any way to see the "To Do List" feature from the app?
2. The DTV web site ( doesn't appear to show either the contents of my DVR's "List" or "To Do List" when I'm logged in - am I doing something wrong or do these features not exist via the web site? Do I have to "link" the web site to my DVR as I had to do in the iOS app?
3. It was really easy in the UVerse DVR menu system (on the actual DVR when at home) to toggle between the list of recorded shows and the list of upcoming recordings. On the Genie DVR, the "List" is easily accessed via the "List" button on the remote, but unless I'm missing something, the only way to see the list of upcoming recordings (the "To Do List") on the Genie DVR (again, when at home via the Genie's menus) is 3 levels deep in the menus after a bunch of scrolling and navigation. Is there an easier way to get between those two features, or at least an easy way to the "To Do List" without having to do a video-game style series of menus and scrolling?

BTW, I'm a User Experience Designer by trade, so I really appreciate a well-designed User Interface, and while the DTV Genie DVR has a lot of cool features, it is definitely lacking in ease-of-use.

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