How to Watch Free HDTV Channels in Your Area with a Digital TV Antenna


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After some research, I decided that over-the-air digital television is the most under-rated and under-appreciated technological breakthrough of our time. With a small, inexpensive antenna, most Americans can pick up dozens of channels in perfect high-definition.

Unlike the old system, which is no longer even broadcast, there is never any picture degradation or “snow” with digital television. 99% of the time, you either get the picture, or you don’t, so picture quality is rarely an issue. In fact, it has been shown that cable and satellite services actually compress their HD signals more than over-the-air broadcasters. The result is that my neighbors who pay for their television channels actually get a lower quality picture than the one I watch for free!
+ How to Watch Free HDTV Channels in Your Area with Digital TV Antenna