How was Harry Potter?

Saw it last night with the fam. anyone else see it? I'm not going to give away any spoilers but I thought it ended kind of abruptly. More than any other HP movie.



This movie was truly disappointing. They completely missed the important parts of the book and threw in extra crap for more action. NO info on the tiara, no info on the remaining horxes, no funeral, no battle between the death eaters and order of the phoenix, no bill and fluer. I mean seriously the movie didn't have the same feel as any of the other movies and for really harry potter fans it is a huge miss. If they plan to follow the same route on the next to they might not bother. Because honestly this movie was so below the standards.
i just have not been able to get into Harry Potter at all, the books, the movie. I dunno they seem more geared for children. Sorry for the fans that like it and feel disappointed


I'll be honest here, I honestly didn't read the book because of how crap the fifth one was, and the movie was a lot worse. They better not make the same mistake with the movie adaption of Deathly Hallows, because that was the best book of the lot in my opinion.

Out of all the Harry Potter adaptions though, The Philosophers Stone was the best, even though some of the acting was pretty ham, it was still brilliant.