How will DTV change how we watch television


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Is this all because the big HDTV movement that is going on with manufacturers. Will it really change how people watch TV. I know that with all of what I am hearing it does not sound so promising to those of us who do not pay for television.


Well, I imagine some people won't be watching television. I know if my grandmother was still alive, there is no way she would change after all these years of using an antenna. She didn't like extra technology and I'm sure she's not the only one who feels that way.


It is a shame, but you are probably right. Many of the disabled or elderly may not be able to or want to change the way they watch t.v. As you know there are also lots of people who wait until the last moment before acting on any major change or disaster. I am referring of course, to hurricane evacuees. Many are given ample time to evacuate, but refuse to leave. The same will happen with the new conversion. We are going to have a lot of unhappy people, come February.