Howard Stern promotes 'America’s Got Talent' on The Jimmy Fallon Show

Howard Stern was on The Jimmy Fallon Show on Wednesday night to promote the season premiere of American’s Got Talent on NBC on Monday, May 14th. While there, he discussed how difficult it is to judge the contestants on the show and also touted his greatness with Fallon.

View attachment 1673 Stern replaces former judge, Piers Morgan on the summer hit America’s Got Talent. Stern said he’s been following the show since the days of hosts Regis Philbin and Jerry Springer. He claims he’s always thought he’d be great as a judge and finally someone took him up on it.

Fallon seemed amazed that Stern was returning to NBC after he’d been fired from NBC some years back. Howard said that at the time of the firing, Grant Tinker, then Chairman of NBC had said that Stern would be hired back over his dead body. In Stern’s words, “well he has a dead body” so Howard’s back, but it is debatable who the dead body is since Grant Tinker is still alive, although he is no longer Chairman of NBC.

When asked about judging the contestants, Stern said it’s tough but that he’s gives his honest opinion, unlike JLo who thinks everyone is wonderful on a American Idol. Stern did admit to changing his mind after hitting the buzzer to indicate his dislike of the performance of a 7 year old boy when the boy started crying. It seems that Howard went up on the stage and hugged the boy and then advanced him to perform at Las Vegas anyway.

Stern also indicated there has been a difference of opinion between him and the other judges, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne in their selection of the 48 contestants who will go on to compete in Vegas. Howard said that he told Howie and Sharon that he admired what they’ve done and their talent, but they didn’t compare to his super-stardom and money making when they disagreed with his recommendations. He said after all that, the other two judges still got their way, so it appears they aren’t impressed with Howard’s super-stardom as he his.

You can catch the premiere of the 7th season of America’s Got Talent on Monday, May 14th at 8 PM EST on NBC.


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