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Hi, We have an HR-34 Genie DVR for the past 2 1/2 years. It is starting to show signs that it's soon to fail. First, now and then when you try to start it in the morning, it won't come on at all. You have to hold the red reset or unplug/replug. That starts it again but twice recently it came back up showing no channel guide and 100% empty, cleaned memory. But not long it then remembers all the stored programs.

The second and more prevalent problem is often it gets in a mode where it freezes for about two seconds every five minutes or so. This can go on all night.

Two questions. If/when I do decide to call Directv, are they going to be reasonable about sending us a new Genie DVR or are they going to try to convince me that using crappy hardware is reasonable considering I'm only paying them something north of 200 dollars each month. I'm sure I'm buying a new DVR every month with the cost of our service so I'm really hoping they won't try to convince me to just limp along with bad hardware.

Second, what is the most current DVR??? Some time back it was an HR-54. Is that the newest DVR??? Or is there something newer??? And if I recall, someone told me I might need to add something to my Directv dish to accommodate all the features of the HR-54, if I might be able to get one. And I would consider buying my own from some third party like Solid Signal if I don't get a good response from Directv.

Thoughts about whether there is some reset I might try for the freezing issue on the existing HR-34??? And what is the latest and best hardware for the Genie system??


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