HR-44 DVR resets itself - DirecTV

My HR-44 DVR has started resetting itself it weekly/biweekly basis for almost 2 months now. It is very frustrating because I will record shows to download with mobile DVR that are no longer available after it resets itself. The shows are still on the DVR but they cannot be downloaded. I don't understand why it resets itself. Any ideas?

The hardest part is that I can't download shows already on my dvr after it resets itself. This makes mobile dvr pretty much useless to me. I had a geniego and never had any problems like this.
i have called DIRECTV customer service multiple times in the past month and no one Has been of anyhelp. I am beyond frustrated with ATT/DIRECTV for taking away my geniego that I paid forfor something that barely works.

I have had absolutely no luck with customer service so seeing if anyone else has ideas.

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