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I have a strange problem going on with my HR54 receiver and hoping someone out there can help me out. What I have is one HR54 and one 4K Genie client and one Genie mini client. The main DVR (HR54) is in the same room as my router but not close enough to my router to connect and ethernet cable unless I went out and bought a 100 foot one........anyways the problem is that my DVR stays conneced to the internet via wifi and I have no problems streaming on demand content and viewing the sports guide, etc.....everything that relies on an internet connection works except the feature that you can use on certain channels that allows you to rewind a program thats already in progress and watch it from the will buffer but then after a minute or two I get either an error message saying my internet connection is slow which I definitely know can't be true because I have AT&T gigabit service or it will just give a connection error and boot right ouf of the buffer and go right back to live tv.........this feature used to work just fine until about a month is the strange thing.....about a month ago I invested in a mesh networking system; I have tried out the google wifi , eero, and now the netgear orbi......I kinda think this could have something to do with it but when I think about it it just doesn't make much sense because like I said I have a strong, constant connection and none of my other devices in my home have any connectiivity problems just this paticular feature on the I went out and bought an expensive set of powerline adapters thinking this would take care of the problem and to my dismay it did not......even hardwired using the power adapters the buffer still will not work on letting me rewind and reply these programs.... I called and spoke to a nice directv tech and she told me that she had heard of this problem but it was a few months ago and that it should have been resolved.... I have read several threads on here about people having problems with their DVR's not wanting to stay DVR stays connected but the rewind/replay feature will not you think maybe the wifi mesh network is overkill and maybe the receiver gets confused as to which of my mesh networking routers to stay connected to? I am just bascially at a loss here; I'm fairly tech savy but can't for the life of me figure out why this feature will not work networking setup is I have the AT&T RG ( pace 5268AC) passing its public IP via DMZ plus mode to my netgear Orbi and the Orbi has one Satellite downstairs that I connect to my 4K tv ; I really want to continue using the mesh system because the provided AT&T gateway's wireless isn't strong enough to cover my downstairs where my 4k tv is and having the orbi system allows me to hardwire my 4k tv ....... like I said every networking device in my home works fine except this one problem with my HR 54 receiver......if anyone has any idea of what is going on with this or how I should fix it please advise....much appreciated... thanks!

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