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I *JUST* got my HR10-250 box setup... I have read and read, and fully understand that the only way to get the local channels in HD with this box is via an off air antenna. I was told the new receivers require a 5LNB dish and an MPEG4 compatible receiver.


DirecTV was adamant about this with me on 4 different phone calls... but my installer told me that it simply is NOT true.

I get the Los Angeles feed, which now offers local channels via the satellite, and guess what? They AREN'T broadcasting in MPEG4 like DirecTV would have you to believe!!!

I already had local channels turned on for my account. And the installer told me I would get the locals in HD with the HR10-250+3LNB dish... guess what... HE WAS RIGHT! I doubted him, I told him he was wrong, I told him DirecTV support had told me on 4 different phone calls that it would not work...

but I just watched Saturday's ABC playoff games on channel 87... in HD, Dolby Digital and all...

The installer basically told me that DirecTV support just read computer screens, but aren;t fully aware of what is really going on technically.

NEW HD programming *will* be in MPEG4, and when this happenes, they will offer a one-time free swap of the receiver (but we will ose TiVO) as well as upgrading the dish from 3LNB to 5LNB

one other caveat with the HR10-250, we are stuck with TiVO software version 3.1 - this stinks because now that you can record so many hours of programming, you CAN'T group (folders), and the menus are slow. Weird to think my old TiVO box (which is now upstauirs on a 27" TV) is more user friendly than the more expensive one sitting on a 50" LCD widescreen set! Rumor has it we will never see version 6.2... instead, we will have to wait for them to replace this box