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I am no longer able to connect my HR44-700 Genie to the internet. I have a wireless router that multiple other devices (iPhones, smart TV's, an older DTV receiver) connect to without issue. The HR44-700 Genie used to connect without issue for years. Don't know why it doesn't any longer, there must have been an update at some point. When I try to reconnect, it sees my network immediately, and even sees my neighbors network (so, it actually sees 2 networks). When I select it, it searches for awhile, then gives me the following message: "Sorry! An error has occurred during your connection attempt. Select OK to try again". Then, I select "OK" and it starts the process all over again. I have tried resetting the HR44-700 twice, and also reset the Verizon provided modem and Apple wireless router. Any advise?

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