HR44 Genie with possible bad disk sectors causing playback to freeze? - DirecTV

I have an HR44 (Genie). Multiple programs from multiple channels will freeze during playback. This is a recent phenomenon. I'm guessing that the drive is going bad and the freezing is simply the HR44 stumbling over defective sectors on the drive. When I go back and start the program over, I can usually just fast-forward past the bad sector. (This is only a theory. I don't know for sure that disk sectors are going bad.)

The problem that I have, like numerous others perhaps, is that I have a ton (taking up 60% of my drive) of content on this particular HR44. Last I checked, it's not possible to have 2 HR44 DVRs on the same account. So to have DirecTV Support replace this HR44, I'd have to sacrifice all of the content, something I'm not willing to do.

Why can't DirecTV do one (or more) of the following...

  1. Permit, temporarily, 2 HR44 Genie DVRs on the same account. You would have "X" amount of time to view the content on the defective DVR before it is automatically disabled by DirecTV. The defective HR44 would be blocked from recording new content or viewing anything OnDemand. It is then only a playback device.
  2. Provide a clone mechanism where the content of the old HR44 can be cloned to the new HR44, including season passes.
  3. Contract with Best Buy (or some other chain with techies) to remove the drives from defective devices and move the content to new drives.
  4. Allow its customers to move content from the HR44's drive to an external (customer provided) drive via the USB interface. You would then be able to load the content back on to the new HR44.
  5. Put some "smarts" in this device. How about a routine that the customer can invoke that would run over night testing the disk, each and every sector, and isolating the bad sectors. I have a ton of space on this drive. I'm okay with a lot of isolated sectors potentially. But at some point, when the percentage of bad sectors exceed "X," I'd then be forced to replace. So this is not optimal.
Can someone let me know if DirectTV is working on any of these (or other) suggestions? Am I off base when it comes to my conclusion of bad sectors?

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