HR54-700 Genie connected to Samsung 4K TV via RVU - DirecTV

I installed DTV last year. Here's the original configuration

- DTV Ultimate package which includes 4K channels
- Genie HR54, Connected to non-4K TV and Wired Ethernet to my home router
- Wireless Genie C41W-100, Connected to a 4K Samsung TV (UN55JU6500) with RVU

A few months later, I experimented with the RVU in the Samsung TV, and was able to ditch the C41 altogether, by connecting the Samsung TV via wired Ethernet and my home router to the HR54. For a few months, this set up worked very well, and I was able to watch the 4K coverage of the Masters last year (2016).

Fast forward to January this year, I am still using the RVU to watch regular and HD channels without any problem. When I tried to watch the 4K channel, I was able to navigate to the channel but I got an error 721, as if I have not subscribed to the 4K channel. I called DTV customer service and they verified that I do have 4K channel in my subscription. When I told the rep about my configuration, he said I must have a tech rep comes to my house and install the Genie mini for 4K to work.

I am willing to pay the $99 one time fee to have the Genie mini installed, but want to check and understand why my configuration using RVU no longer works. Is it because DTV still thinks that I am using the wireless C41 and therefore block the channel? Is there a "parameter" in the DTV back office somewhere they can configure to activate my 4K channel again?

Can someone shed some lights here?

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