HR54/700 will not connect to internet - DirecTV

I had an HR54/700 installed a couple weeks ago. I tried to connect to my WiFi to no avail. After several calls for troubleshooting, a tech came out and tested, installed a new box with no luck then installed a Deca box...Still no luck and pawned it off on my ISP. I have a Linksys EA6350 plugged into an Arrias Surfboard modem. I can log into my router and see the HR54 with a valid IP. I have reset all three devices and assigned a static IP, tried DHCP reservation, and set IP static on the HR54 and set the STB to manual and set up port forwarding...still no luck. The HR will pull a valid IP but will not get a valid internet connection. I do not run MAC filtering. Cox has been out and swears they don't block whatever port or data but could only say my download/upload speeds were good and so it's Direct's problem. Can somone please provide some insight on where to look, things to try, or solutions? I am a network tech by trade and this is driving me bonkers.

This question, "HR54/700 will not connect to internet," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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