HR54 deleting recordings - DirecTV

I have new receiver (HR54) that was installed on 10/16/2016. On Wednesday, Oct 19, all but a couple of my recordings were deleted (nothing PPV). Looking at the History, the programs were deleted by "Home (1001)". None of my receivers are named Home. On Wednesday, Oct 26 at 8:00 pm exactly, most of my recordings were deleted.(again, nothing PPV) Everything deleted states they were deleted by "Home(1001)". I called Directv after the first incident and was told the "Home" referred to the Whole Home DVR service. They remotely reset the receiver and told me to watch it for a while and see if it happens again. Single family home home. No other houses around me. The HR54 was the only receiver being used at the time. I am really dreading having to make that call again.

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HR54 Auto Deleting recordings.

I too have an HR54 installed with 3 minis on 10/29/16. All of my recordings are being deleted. After several hours with Tech support and no answer/solution a tech visit is scheduled for Tuesday. They told me that they code I got (1001) meant that I deleted them. That is not the case. The troubling issue is that they claim that they have no other issues reported like mine.

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