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3 days ago i had DTV set me up with an HR54-700 and a C61k-700 for a 2nd tv with 4k.
The TV is a samsung KS8000 and with the C61k-700 it is very slow to react. slow on changing channel, slow on going to guide, slow on anything.
The HR54 is on software 0xc45 and the C61k is on software 0x8b6.

Any suggestions on what i can try to help speed up the user interface?


This question, "HR54 with C61k slow interface, slow changing channel," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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Exact same setup for me. VERY disappointing! Responsiveness is sluggish. Sound cuts out. Most have 4K as their main tv. Why Directv made HR54 not the 4K client is baffling.


So I had the original DTV tech come back out to try another C61k and it did NOT help.
He then also tried a C51 client and that did not help either.
I have restarted all devices and it has not helped.
I timed the HR54 changing channels at about 3 seconds, and the C61k changing channels at about 5 seconds.

I had an HR44 before and never timed it, but it was much faster. This latest 4k setup is very disappointingly slow.

Anyone with any other suggestions...

Can I switch the HR54 and C61k without any issues if Im not concerned about watching 4k right now?

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