HT on Wheels !


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I don't know that this HT is anything too much to brag about, but...

Some of these "assemblies" weigh a TON !!!
In the picture below, I'll draw your attention to the Legs on the 1966 Philco Cabinet that the components are sitting on.

The legs are sitting on two steel Refrigerator Roller Tracks,
And those are sitting on two (1x4") Pine Boards that have extensions,
where I can add the extensions on the boards,
and pull/roll the whole assembly away from the wall, where I can service it.
Then, just roll it back against the wall, and remove/store the extensions for later use.

This assembly, if let rest directly on the carpet, would be nearly impossible to get behind. If I didn't have it on rollers, there's just no way I can move it myself.

Just an idea for those in the same situation, who may apply something like this to their HT.

Have a good Day ! :)


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WOW, you DO have a sharp eye ! :whoo:
You're absolutely right, it originally had a Turntable, Wollensak Tape and AM/FM Amp in it, no TV. Those components eventually failed, and replaced with externals. I'm just using it for it's Speakers now, and have not found any stand alone speakers, which produce the warm (midrange/voice) which the original (still in use) 12" (no foam) Speakers deliver. Presently it is functioning as the "front" set of a Surround System. It's a pleasure to sit in front of it. Back in 66 when I bought it, it cost nearly $1000, but all in all, not bad for 44 years of service.


If I'm understanding your statement correctly...
There is a stack of equipment directly above the Right Speaker box on the Console. Those being from bottom to top..
A Sony RDR-VXD655 VHS/DVD Recorder, then
A Traxis DBS1500 Satellite Receiver, then
A Radio Shack (Micronta) 63-823 Digital (LED) Clock.
Or did you mean to the very far right?

I have since re-re-and rearranged things on the Console, so the Components today, are not as they were when the picture was taken. But, that's why I got that monster assembly on rollers ! :D
(I'm a piddler, I admit it)

Sorry about how dark the picture is, but the wood paneling just doesn't lend to a lot of reflection. :(

Have a good Day ! :)
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