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This question is about "Log In - Webmail response time is unacceptble", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. The response time for Spectrum webmail at Log In - Webmail is unacceptable.

It ofter takes over a minute to delete a message or to advance to the next page of e-mails. The previous web mail from TWC always responded within a couplef seconds. I have complained several times, but nothing has mproved. I have an extremely fast computer and get instantaneous respnse from all other websites!

Unfortunately the web site is the only way to add filters to block SPAM.

Speaking of SPAM, Spectrum does a pitiful job of blocking SPAM. What changed in the past year that now allows a tremendous of SPAM to be received from URLs with nonsense domain names. Most of the SPAM if am now receiving are from random character domain names such as

Log In - Webmail response time is unacceptble?