Hughes DVR Trouble - DirecTV DVR

For Hughes DVR Trouble, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. my dvr has been stalling in the middle of programs, resetting itself, getting stuck on channels, not recognizing the remote and sometimes the buttons on itself. i have manually reset it many times, but each time, the problems still persist.

i had programs saved to the dvr, and even after resetting it i could only watch about 5 minutes of a program and it would start starting and stopping the show and eventually it would reset itself. none of my other receivers (which are not dvr's) are having any problems.

on saturday, i decided to reset the dvr, but disconnected the satelite feeds. of course i don't have any tv shows available, but i could watch the shows that had previously been recorded to my dvr without any problems. could there be something wrong with the cable that feeds my satelite signal to the dvr. please help, my machine is not even 2 years old and i don't want to have to replace it.

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