Hughes SD-DVR40 will not complete power up cycle - DirecTV DVR

For Hughes SD-DVR40 will not complete power up cycle, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. Recently moved and during dish pointing with 95% signal I quit for supper. When I returned and power up receiver it shows powering up then a second screen with DirecTV and "just a few more moments" then REPEATS the above sequence. I hand carried the receiver in Suburban and secured with belts. It was not damaged in any way. I'm currently useing a second RCA receiver (no DVR). One other question - how can I align my local dish for reception. A tech at a Radio Shack store said it needed to be set at 43 d. elevation and 145 D. azimuth. My signal strength only shows my Oval dish signal strength. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. RadioJoe