Hulu Original Shows on the Roku

I keep seeking ads and hearing about the Hulu exclusive shows and movies that Roku offers. Some sound interesting and others seem a bit odd, but I am intrigued. I was wondering if anyone has watched these shows and what your thoughts are. Care to share suggestions on what to watch and what to avoid? LOL
I cannot remember the names of the ones I recently saw but there was one that was supposed to be about the guys who work as the mascots as football games, another was a show about a young teen couple and how they struggle to adjust to being young parents, and Hulu always seems to be advertising special movies and shows that say Hulu exclusive.
You are supposed to be able to stream Hulu Plus right from the device. Maybe that is why? I don't have the device, but everything I've read states you can watch Hulu Plus from it so ,you should then also be able to watch those originals I would expect.


You can view all the Hulu "Originals" here. (Most are not really originally made by Hulu, but simply foreign shows that haven't aired on other TV in the US.)

It doesn't really have anything to do with Roku - yes, you can watch them on the Roku, but also on your computer or any other device that Hulu Plus allows you to use.

Misfits is good, if you want a science fiction show about teenagers. I've only watched a couple seasons but plan to eventually finish it, I just haven't had time.

Pramface and Whites are both pretty funny comedies, and I've watched them both in their entirety. Pramface is about a couple of teenagers who get pregnant, and have to deal with their crazy, opposite families. Whites is about cooks working in a restaurant, who all pretty much have major character flaws.

All three are British, and they're also all very raunchy at times, so you might want to avoid them if you're a prude? Or are at work, or have kids in the room, etc.

Little Mosque is a Canadian sitcom, it's about how the Muslim people in a small town interact with the other people. If you're interested in learning about different cultures I'd highly recommend it, and if you're thinking a show about Muslims is some kind of propaganda that's going to annoy you, I'd highly recommend it because I think you need your horizons expanded. LOL.


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I really enjoyed "Black Dawn". This show was darker, and it tapped into the rawest of human nature in the event of a catastrophic event. I didn't think that I would enjoy it, but I really did. A show has to hook me in order for me to progress to the next episode.
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