Hulu steps its game up with new originals and one billion+ videos streamed in Q1

Hulu seems to be doing well despite the mystery of what the future holds, having surpassed previous metrics. In their best quarter yet, Q1 2013, Hulu saw over one billion videos served.

View attachment 2309 It was revealed in today's Hulu Upfront presentation in New York City (and Hulu's blog) that now over four million premium subscribers are consuming videos as part of the Hulu Plus service. Their subscribership doubled in 2012.

The majority of streams are still pulled into the laptop or computer, but there is an upward trend for mobile streamers. Mobile was near non-existant a couple years back. As far as "living room" watching, 29 percent of people used that VOD method.

Two new original shows, Quick Draw and East Los High, were announced by Hulu, adding to nine previously announced shows that are set to premier this summer.

Also mentioned in the presentation is that the ad-supported version of Hulu kept users enganged for 45 minutes on average.

Many suggest they wouldn't try the Hulu service because of commercials, but it seems you have to try it to see if it is that much of a concern.

Some customers say they don't mind watching advertisments on Hulu even though they thought they might, simply because there are "less of them." Others say they'd rather watch their shows on Hulu than "play them back on [their] DVR."

"It's more convenient to wait through 30 seconds of commercials than to fumble through fast-forwarding," one customer says, making reference to his Hulu-preference over DVR use.