Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge


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What was good about the blog I posted is they didn't focus on New Orleans. Mississippi even right after the storm was forgotten.

Something that is still not well known was FEMA also ignored Mississippi. Most of the relief shipments and help to Mississippi was from neighboring states, mostly churches organizing supplies and man power. Much of the mess in Mississippi is still there and they were not given Fed funds, etc.

But we could do a thread how the next big disaster is not likely to be a hurricane and it could HUGE.....


Barry Cowsill of the 60's pop group The Cowsills was apparently another victim of hurricane Katrina. I say 'apparently' because the circumstances of his death are a bit weird.

He and his sister Susan lived in New Orleans at the time but Susan left before the hurricane and Barry stayed behind. Three days later (sept. 1) Barry left a message on Susan's phone and was never heard from again.

On sept. 5 a news crew taped video footage of a homeless man believed to be Barry Cowsill but rather it was him or not was never confirmed.

Then on dec. 28, Barry's badly decomposed body was found. His death was believed to have been a drowning and no evidence of foul play was found...