Hurricane Sandy knocks Many Stations Off Air

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As expected, a number of East Coast Radio and Television Stations went dark do to Hurricane Sandy, but the outages are far beyond what was anticipated. Two Network Television Channels WNBC-4 and WABC-7 are off air but they are offering their audio streams on FM Radio stations.

AM Stations were particularly hard hit because of their transmitter locations. Many AM transmitter/antenna sites take advantage of being close to bodies of water (sea level) which can potentiate their signal coverage area. Add in the number of stations of all types that no longer have a source of electricity to be able to transmit.

(Photo credit: Meteorologist Dan Gregoria)

From the updated Scott Fybush article:

"The radio dial continues to be ravaged by Sandy’s aftermath all along the coast from Delaware up to Connecticut, but nowhere more so than in the New Jersey Meadowlands, where most of the New York City AM dial is off the air. WOR (710) is an exception, with its recently-built three-tower site just up high enough to stay above the floodwaters." ...

"Across the swollen Hudson, the flooding in lower Manhattan has wreaked havoc with studio power. WOR lost its studio power Monday night and has been rebroadcasting audio from WNBC (Channel 4), while WABC-TV (Channel 7) audio continues to be simulcast on WEPN (1050) and WEPN-FM (98.7). CBS reported this morning that its Hudson Square studios were operating “by candlelight,” and power has been disrupted at other studios uptown as well." ...

NERW 10/29/2012: Sandy Takes Aim at NERW-land (with updates!)


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