I can't log on to my Directv account - DirecTV

I tried logging on to my Directv account so that I could upgrade my plan. When I try to log on it tells me that I am locked out of my account because I made too many attempts. So I call the customer service people, which was an adventure. I eventually get a sent a temporary password to my email which I try and "yay" it takes me to the page where I can reset my password. So I reset my password and it takes back to the Directv homepage so that I can log on. I log on using my new password and guess what??? I get the same message, I can't log on because I've made too many attempts. It took forever just to get the temporary password and I really don't want to call customer service again. What is up with this???? I'm so frustrated!

This question, "I can't log on to my Directv account," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Expect Nothing From AT&T

Unfortunately AT&T/DirecTV is not a company that cares for its customers. Why do you think customer service has gone to shit even after the millions in profit AT&T made merging with DirecTV. They want to be a monopoly and they even aren't upgrading their fiber optics and broadband like Verizon.

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