I Did Not Receive My Rewards Card - DirecTV

I signed up for ATT in September. I was told it would be at least 8 weeks until I got my $400 visa rewards card. I called today as it has been four months. First I got the main menu with the computer generated person. Finally got to someone (who I could hardly understand) who needed a list of information. Name, address, phone number, password (understandable). After explaining the problem I was transferred to someone else (who again couldn't speak English very well). Had to repeat the whole list of info. I was put on hold again. Then I was transferred to the rewards center (she spoke English a little better). After repeating all my information again I was told that my rewards was sent and that since I didn't use it it had expired. I explained to her that I never got anything in the mail. I was told that a letter was sent with instructions on how to claim it. Again I told her that I never got it and asked if they could reissue it since I never received it. She told me that she would have to transfer me to someone who could help me. She transferred me to the original main menu again. So I had to go through the computer voice again and finally got a person after giving the computer the information it wanted. Got a person named Raul. Again I couldn't understand him. He said I can't get another rewards card. I told him that if this did not get fixed and I didn't get my rewards card I was going to cancel my service. He said that would be fine and said he would transfer me so I could cancel and then hung up. ATT, your people were very nice when they wanted my business and now they are rude and don't give a darn about us. I wasted almost a hour, maybe more, on the phone trying to remedy this problem only to get hung up on in the end. How is this a reward if it is taken away before you get informed that you even have it. It seems to me that I am not the only person with this problem. If this is how you treat your customers I will find another service! Please contact me.

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